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The Future of Sales Success: How COAs Will Help Your Business Thrive

#10xgrowthefforts #clientopportunityadvisor #outboundsalesmastery #propertymanagement #realestateinvesting #salesdevelopment Dec 13, 2022

Building a quota crushing sales team is crucial for any business that wants to soar to new heights of success. And if you're thinking about bringing on a Client Opportunity Advisor (COA) to help fuel your growth, it's important to know that COAs are also known as Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

One of the major benefits of starting with a COA is scalability - they come with entry-level salaries and benefits that are easy on the wallet compared to full-cycle Business Development Managers (BDMs) or Account Executives (AEs). This makes hiring COAs a smart and cost-effective way for businesses to scale up. Plus, since COAs are focused on generating leads and setting appointments, instead of closing deals, you can invest in training and development for them without feeling the pressure to see a return right away.

Another advantage of starting with a COA is building a strong foundation for future growth. COAs handle the time-consuming and resource-intensive task of generating and nurturing leads. This frees up time and resources for BDMs/AEs to focus on closing deals and driving revenue. This sets the stage for future growth and success.

At RevUp, we help our clients find, onboard, and train top-performing COAs who are passionate about supporting the growth of your business. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with the COA role and are dedicated to helping both business owners and COAs crush it.

Author: Maya Madden

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