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Maya Madden, CEO

Born and raised in Alabama mentored by some of The USA's most successful entrepreneurs; I possess a resolute commitment in achieving my goals. Guided by my deep love for lucrative asset management, I fearlessly A/B test innovative concepts and curate top-performing teams.

Off-duty, I uphold my family's legacy of inspiring entrepreneurs, spend time on my sixth-generation family-owned coffee farms located even further south in Guatemala, elevating our 7 brick and mortar stores in Alabama, manage US wholesale operations and enjoy quality time with my family, friends and the most handsome Chocolate Labrador on the planet, Patch Madden.

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Ivana Sinibaldi-Ellis, 

I¬†am¬†deeply¬†determined in my work analyzing and optimizing revenue streams and operational toolkits for RevUp Mastery‚ĄĘ and our valued clients across the Globe.

I hold dual degrees in Marketing and Business Management from Hult International Business School in San Francisco and London. Hult is renowned for its' triple accreditation held by only .01% of business schools worldwide.

In my free time, I channel my competitive energy into running marathons across the globe, recharge on my fifth-generation coffee Farms in Guatemala and manage our family controlled export + import operations. Additionally, I find immense joy spending time with my family, friends and holding on for dear life as Maya soothes me through private take-off to one of our farms or many family-owned properties around the globe. 

Heidi Alfonso, 

I am passionate about designing visually engaging graphics and content to elevate the mediums our partners use to understand, implement and retain our solutions. I work closely with my teammates to create stunning visuals that evoke emotion and accurately reflect our message, values and education.

Whether it is crafting social media graphics, designing marketing materials, or developing multimedia content; I bring a unique creative touch to everything I produce. Through my expertise, I help our mission stand out and engage with our partners in meaningful ways.

Angel Pruna, 

I am committed to building strong and lasting relationships between RevUp Mastery and our partners. I am skilled in active listening and persuasive communication, which allows me to effectively engage with inquisitive partners and promote the benefits of our solutions.

My aptitude for learning and natural competitiveness drive me to consistently seek out ways to improve my performance and exceed expectations. In my free time, I enjoy gaming, which helps me unwind and sharpen my problem-solving skills.

JP Forno, 
Talent Acquisition GT

With 8+ years assisting in scaling various organizations, I have acquired expertise in talent acquisition. My work as a talent acquisition channel partner with RevUp Mastery is focused on sourcing EOR Compliant international talent.

While obtaining my Bachelor in Entrepreneurship and International Business from Arizona State University, I uncovered my passion for building scalable business models designed to create social and environmental impact. In my free time, I enjoy playing sports (basketball, billiards, boxing, etc.) and learning about different subjects such as creative design, biomimicry, and regenerative agriculture.

Jarrett Lau, 
Talent Acquisition RP

Born and raised in Boston, I pursued higher education at the University of Toronto, instilling in me a global perspective. I am heavily influenced by my entrepreneurial father's teachings, which inspired my love for revenue and fuels my belief in boundless opportunities.

When away from my professional obligations, I embrace the spirit of adventure, having traveled to over 100 countries, surfing, and experiencing diverse cultures. My pursuit of adventure has not only broadened my horizons but sharpened my skills in managing my companies remotely.


Julieta Jimenez,

I am strongly committed to my work I love anything related to arts, graphics and visuals and I like to analyze my alternatives and create strategies that provide useful solutions. I am passionate about merging shapes, colors, styles and trends to create results that achieve their goals within the market.

I develop in areas such as branding, web design, social media, advertising campaigns and content creation, providing a unique vision of design along my teamwork.

I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, drinking coffee, and dedicating myself to learn new things that help me grow personally and professionally.

Priscilla Chacur, 

Pursuing my Masters in Data Analytics from Hult Business School in Boston, I have a strong focus on revenue generation and extracting valuable insights from data to optimize business performance. By uncovering hidden trends and patterns, I identify revenue growth opportunities and drive performance optimization. I am thankful for the upward mobility opportunities RevUp Mastery has to offer me and am absorbing so many valuable insights and lessons like a sponge!

With a passion for continuous learning, I am equipped with the knowledge and expertise to contribute significantly to our revenue generation efforts. In my downtime, I enjoy curling up with a great book and immersing myself in captivating stories that broaden my perspective on life.

Fernanda Cortés, 

Currently pursuing a dual master degree in Business Analytics and Finance in Boston to enhance my technical and financial know-how. As an analytical and creative person, I bring a proven ability to break down complex data and extract actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making. Being part of the analytics team at RevUp Mastery and experiencing the company’s accelerated growth will allow me to expand both professionally and personally just as fast.

In my free-time, I enjoy winding down watching a feel-good movie and spending time with my friends. They’re like my second family in this new city, keeping homesickness at bay. I also enjoy being outside when the Boston weather allows it.