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Main Lesson from 284 Property Management Companies

#propertymanagement #revbranding #revops #revsales revrecruiting Jan 26, 2024

In the whirlwind journey of consulting over 284 Property Management Companies across North America, I've gleaned invaluable insights into the art of scaling a business. My ambition was to emulate the rapid growth I'd witnessed in my previous roles, but I quickly learned that achieving hyper-scale, while exhilarating, shouldn't be a Herculean task.

Central to my philosophy, and something I've often shared, is my unwavering faith in God and the acceptance of His mysterious plans. This faith has taught me an invaluable lesson in business: the futility of over-planning. Whether you share this faith or not, consider how often, as a business owner, you find yourself ensnared in endless planning cycles, burdening yourself with unrealistic expectations.

I recall a time when I was fixated on perfecting a project plan. It was a comprehensive strategy intended to streamline operations for a client. Despite my efforts, unforeseen challenges emerged, derailing my well-laid plans. This experience was a stark reminder that life, especially in the unpredictable world of property management, seldom follows a scripted path. It taught me to embrace flexibility and adaptability, rather than clinging to rigid plans.

This realization came into sharp focus when I reviewed our program schedules. What was supposed to be a 7-week knowledge transfer stretched into 27 weeks on average. The culprit? Excessive planning. This epiphany led me to question the practicality of uninterrupted focus in our field. The answer was clear: such expectations were not only unrealistic but also counterproductive.

Adapting to this reality, I shifted my approach to custom consulting. This pivot wasn't about abandoning planning altogether but rather about adopting a more fluid and responsive strategy. I communicated openly with my clients, explaining that while the roadmap might shift, the destination remained unchanged. This approach required humility and understanding from both sides but ultimately led to more meaningful and achievable outcomes.

In the coming posts, I'll share innovative approaches to learning and execution that have emerged from this shift. These strategies are designed not just for efficiency but also to ensure the well-being of our team, especially those of us who cherish peace over the chaos of constant stress.

This journey has taught me that the true art of scale lies not in meticulous planning but in the ability to adapt, to remain humble in the face of uncertainty, and to find strength in faith. I invite you to reflect on your own experiences with planning and adaptability. How have they shaped your approach to business and personal growth?

Stay tuned for more insights, and may we all find the balance that allows us not just to grow but to thrive. Many blessings, Maya.

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