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BDM/Closer: Overcoming Fear and Embracing Change for Maximum Business Growth

Jan 31, 2023

As a consulting firm that has had the privilege of working with numerous property management owners, we have seen firsthand the impact that having a skilled BDM (business development manager) or closer can have on a company's success. In the property management industry, having a BDM/closer who is effective can mean the difference between a steady flow of new business and a stagnant, underperforming company.

We understand that many property management owners may feel hesitant to replace themselves as the closer, due to fear or the belief that they are the only one who can effectively sell their services. This fear is completely understandable, and we want to assure you that it is a common challenge that many property management owners face.

However, we also want to emphasize that replacing oneself as the closer can bring a multitude of benefits to a property management company. By doing so, owners can free up valuable time and resources that can be redirected towards other important aspects of the business. This, in turn, can lead to increased efficiency, better organization, and ultimately, a more profitable and successful company.

When searching for a new BDM/closer, property management owners should look for individuals who possess the following skills and qualities:

  1. Strong interpersonal and communication skills: A BDM/closer must be able to effectively communicate with potential clients and build rapport.

  2. A comprehensive understanding of the property management industry: The BDM/closer should have a thorough understanding of the industry, including trends, challenges, and best practices. In some instances, your closer may lack industry expertise, but it can be acquired through proper coaching and the willingness of the closer to learn.

  3. Proven sales experience: A BDM/closer must have a track record of success in sales, as well as the ability to close deals and build lasting relationships with clients. It is important to note that while emerging talent can bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the table, it is typically too much of a risk to put them in a closing role unless they have been promoted internally and have demonstrated their ability to succeed in sales.

  4. Strong organizational skills: A BDM/closer must be able to effectively manage their time, prioritize tasks, and keep track of important details.

  5. A positive, proactive attitude: A BDM/closer must have a can-do attitude, be self-motivated, and have a desire to succeed.

By focusing on these key skills and qualities, property management owners can find a BDM/closer who will bring energy and enthusiasm to their business, helping to drive business growth and success.

We hope that this blog post has highlighted the many benefits of having a BDM/closer in the property management industry. While the fear of replacing oneself as the closer is a common challenge, it should not hold property management owners back from unlocking the full potential of their business. By finding a BDM/closer who has the right skills and qualities, property management owners can take their business to the next level and achieve success.

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Author: Maya Madden

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