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The Role of BDMs/AEs in Building a Successful Sales Team

#bdmmagic #investing #propertymanagement #realestate #salesdevelopment Dec 20, 2022

Growing your biz is like building a house, you need a strong foundation. And when it comes to sales, that foundation includes COAs/SDRs (Client Opportunity Advisors/Sales Development Representatives) who generate leads and set appointments and BDMs/AE's (Business Development Managers/Account Executives) who close deals and drive revenue.

Think of your sales team as a sports team. COA are the coaches, they lay out the strategy, generate leads, and set the appointments. But just like in sports, you need an MVP to win the game, and that's where the BDM comes in. BDMs are the all-star players, they have the expertise and experience to close deals and drive revenue, score points and win championships.

Here's why bringing on a BDM is like adding the cherry on top of your sales sundae:

  • BDMs are the Jedi's closing deals. COAs are great at finding leads and setting up meetings, but they may not have the force to close. BDMs, on the other hand, are the Obi-Wan's of closing deals, they are trained specifically to convert leads into paying customers. Hiring a BDM ensures you have a Jedi master on your team who can effectively close deals and drive revenue.

  • BDMs can take your biz to the next level. As your business grows and you close more deals, you'll need to bring on additional BDMs to support the increased workload. By properly onboarding and training a BDM early on, you're laying the foundation for future growth and success, like building another level on your biz castle.

  • BDMs can supercharge the performance of your current COAs. COAs and BDMs work together as a team, with COAs generating leads and BDMs closing deals. By bringing on a BDM, you can free up time and resources for your COAs to focus on lead generation, which can help to improve their overall performance.

  • Even if you haven't onboarded a COA yet, hiring a BDM is still a valuable investment for your business. BDMs have the expertise and experience to close deals, and they can help to scale your business as you grow. In addition, a BDM can work with your current sales team to identify opportunities for improvement and provide guidance on how to close more deals. Like hiring a business coach to help you reach the next level.

Hiring a BDM brings in the heavy artillery for your sales team. BDMs bring the firepower and close the deals like a pro, taking your business to new heights of success. Just like in a war, you need a strategist (COA/SDR) to find the leads and make plans, but you also need a skilled warrior (BDM) to win the battle and drive the revenue.

Don't let your sales team fight with a knife when you can give them a bazooka. Partner with our team today and let us help you source, onboard, and train top-performing BDMs who will elevate your sales game and dominate the competition.

Author: Maya Madden

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