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How Many Outbound Opportunities Could You Convert With a RevUp COA?

#10xgrowthefforts #clientopportunityadvisor #internationalrecruiting #outboundsalesmastery #propertymanagement Jan 03, 2023

How do you grow your property management business? That's the kind of question we answer everyday for PM's across the country. All of our clients have different needs and solutions, but I want to introduce a new concept that many of our clients find game changing, the COA.

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Then start thinking outside the box! Outbound sales is the key to gaining new clients in the property management industry and setting yourself apart from your competitors.

While the specific numbers on "self managed" units are hard to come by it looks like around 12.7 million rental units are being professionally managed. That leaves around 31 million opportunities for professional PM companies to grow their portfolios!

Property managers are some of the busiest professionals in the real estate industry. With accounting, reporting, leasing, maintenance and more all on your shoulders, how are you going to find the time to reach out to the thousands of landlords in your market that just don't know how much you can benefit their lives? Let me introduce you to a new way to grow your company; Client Opportunity Advisors.

With outbound sales, you'll have a better chance of reaching potential clients who may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Client Opportunity Advisors are specifically trained by our team to reach out to outbound leads and discover what makes landlords tick. With the correct message delivered at the right time, they are able to generate flaming hot leads that you can convert into long-term relationships.

Instead of wasting time competing with other property management companies for clients in the bloody waters of recycled inbound lead flow, create a competitive advantage by proactively searching out the untapped market and converting them into your own.

It's time to start thinking outside the box if you want to stay ahead of the competition. With Client Opportunity Advisors on your team, you will be the fastest growing team in your market. Our COAs book 8-12 SQLs per week on average after completing RevUp Sales Accelerated + RevUp Sales Academy.

So what are you waiting for? Let's RevUp today!

Author: Jonathan Cook

RevSales, RevOps, RevBranding & RevRecruting

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