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SQLs: Leads That are Ready to Commit

#clientopportunityadvisor #outboundsalesmastery #salesqualifiedleads Jan 10, 2023

Are you tired of hearing fancy jargon thrown around in sales meetings and not knowing what it means? Well, fear not my friends, because we're here to break down one of the most commonly used terms in the biz: Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Think of SQLs like a hot date you've finally agreed to go out with. Your setter (COA) has done the hard work of getting to know them, wooing them, and determining if they're a good match for your product or service. Now, it's time for your closer (BDM) to seal the deal and turn them into a paying customer.

But wait, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Just like dating, not all SQLs are created equal. Some may be ready to commit right away, while others may need a slower warm-up. Remember, your COAs (Client Opportunity Advisors) are your outbound outlaws that convert cold leads into SQL's. Once your lead is hot and ready, that's where your BDMs (Business Development Manager) come in to work their magic and seal the deals.

So next time you're in a sales meeting and someone mentions SQLs, you'll know they're talking about those leads that are ready to be swept off their feet by a closer. Happy selling!

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Author: Maya Madden

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